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Wall Street Journal ...Myriad, a line of chips from Intel’s Movidius division that performs artificial-intelligence computations using very little electrical power, has found a niche in security cameras and drones, and is branching into medicine. Doctor Hazel, a startup, created an AI tool using a Myriad chip that works with a medical camera to detect skin cancers on the spot. It diagnoses cancers with up to 85% accuracy, and that rate should improve as the system is further trained with images of known benign and malignant moles, according to Doctor Hazel co-founder Mike Borozdin. ... Full Article

Tech Crunch Doctor Hazel spent the last 24 hours at TechCrunch Disrupt’s SF 2017 hackathon working on an interesting idea to use artificial intelligence to detect cancerous moles. Software engineer Mike Borozdin proposed the idea of using artificial intelligence to determine if a mole was cancerous or not to his friend and fellow of Intel Software Innovators Peter Ma a few days ago. The team soon bought a high-powered endoscope camera on Amazon for $30, set up a website and got to work. ... Full Article

Intel IQ Hoping to deliver free skin cancer screening worldwide, two software developers used artificial intelligence to create an app to detect skin cancer in real-time. After losing a close friend to cancer last year, Mike Borozdin wanted to do something to stem the tide of cancer-related deaths in the world. At TechCrunch Disrupt’s 2017 hackathon in San Francisco, he and fellow software engineer Peter Ma got inspired to create an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered app that could detect skin cancer by simply analyzing a photo of a mole. ... Full Article


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